Lapland rewilding area

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  • Location:
    Northern Sweden
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  • Type of protection:
    National parks, nature reserves, Natura 2000 and military areas.

The mission of Rewilding Lapland is to generate resources for implementation of practical activities supporting the nature and people in the region, to gather and disseminate information about wildlife and nature in Lapland and the connections to the unique cultural heritage of the Sámi.

The Rapa Valley in the World Heritage Laponia.


  • Keystone species present: Bear, wolverine, lynx and wolf.
  • Fauna (mega) species present: Eagle, capercaillie, arctic fox, etc.


  • Description: - Partnership agreements signed with Råne- and Pite River Associations to cooperate in rewilding rivers, restoring fish migration and enterprise models.<br /> - Through river restoration protect and reintroduce trout and pearl mussel in Råne river.<br /> - Restoring fish habitats and reindeer migration.<br /> - Training local operators in bear watching operations.<br /> - Building partnership on local and national levels.<br /> - Partnership agreements with Udtja Sámi Village working with various rewilding activities.<br /> - Protect the forest areas close to the rivers both for reindeer migration and overfertilization.
  • Aim: Rewilding Lapland aims at offering grants to individuals and organisations working for a sustainable development of the natural landscape through stimulating natural processes, with benefits to society at large.
  • Vision: To recreate ecological system in big scale, side by side with local people and local business operations to secure the future for both nature and people in Swedish Lapland.
  • Accomplished in 10 years from now: Lapland has become known as the untamed and unique land of the north, serving as the great home for the Sámi, charismatic species and natural treasures. It is a vast landscape connecting the Atlantic with the Baltic Sea through some of Europe’s wildest rivers.
  • Uniqueness: The area can be considered to be the "Last wilderness of Europe"
  • Results so far: We just started but we already have signed partnership agreements with relevant partners.
  • Flagship species: Bear
  • Other characteristics: Community involved, Eco tourism, Education, Recreational activities, Research, Sale of sustainable products


  • Inspirational value: Rewilding as a tool for rural development and the other way around.
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