Initiating partners

WWF Netherlands

WWF Netherlands is one of the founding partners of Rewilding Europe, and started to support the initiative financially in 2011.

Building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature is what WWF tries to do. In the interest of nature and man alike. The policy of the World Wide Fund for Nature aims to protect biodiversity on Earth.

WWF Netherlands does this by:

  • Protecting and when needed restoring the worlds’ main habitats. Special attention is paid to tropical and other forests, wetlands and oceans.
  • To address the main threats to these areas, such as deforestation, water depletion, overfishing, climate change and illegal trade in animals and plants.
  • To convince the Dutch society that they can actively contribute to the protection of nature by providing financial action perspectives and non-financial action perspective (participation activities, volunteering, buying FSC-timber, using green energy etc.).

ARK Nature

ARK Nature is one of the founding partners of Rewilding Europe and it is involved together with Rewilding Europe in many joint actions and initiatives. ARK Nature is an innovative nature conservation organization based in The Netherlands that aims to demonstrate in practice how changes in society can provide new opportunities for nature and landscape.

ARK Nature is convinced that more room for nature in our thoughts and actions will improve the quality of life, for man and for nature alike. Robust, spontaneous nature is essential for plants and animals, but also for the economy and all people’s well-being.

One carrying vision for ARK Nature is that vast, dynamic areas of nature, in which nature is allowed to take care of itself and the natural processes can go their own way, result in an unprecedented richness in landscapes and its connected flora and fauna. Nature needs to be much more socially and economically embedded within our society. ARK Nature is certain that greater areas of spontaneous, accessible nature will make people’s lives better.

ARK Nature supported Rewilding Europe through a Project grant from the Dutch Postcode Lottery (2012–2015) and by providing capacity from its own organisation to support the rewilding component, including support to the European Wildlife Bank and the European Rewilding Network.

The partnership between ARK Nature and Rewilding Europe was renewed on 26 January 2016 for a next period of three years (2016–2018). Read more here.

Wild Wonders of Europe

Wild Wonders of Europe is the world’s largest conservation communication initiative. This groundbreaking initiative works to reveal the amazing natural treasures of our continent to the Europeans and the World. The wildlife and wild places that most of us don’t even know exist. So far they have reached about 800 million people.

Wild Wonders of Europe uses the emotional power of world-class photography to celebrate our shared European natural heritage, the joy of the wild and Europe’s amazing wildlife comeback, illustrating that nature conservation really works and that we just need more of it, and more kinds of it. Highlighting the many success stories, whilst at the same time also telling the fact that our biodiversity is still threatened.

Wild Wonders of Europe aims to show that Europe is not just about highways and cities, and tries to reconnect us to this wonderful heritage, so that we will enjoy it more and take care of it more wisely for the future.

On May 27, 2010, during the International Year of Biodiversity, Wild Wonders of Europe launched the global tour of its flagship outdoor exhibition, showcasing the natural wonders of Europe through 100 breathtaking, large-size images. Accompanied by a strong conservation message, the exhibition wants to inspire a very wide audience. The inaugural outdoor exhibition was opened by HRH Princess Irene of The Netherlands and is now touring around Europe to massive positive acclaim. Exhibitions are also touring the U.S and China. This is public art, with an uplifting message, for people of all walks of life.  Entrance is free, it is open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and is positioned to reach between 500,000 to 3 million people per city. Rewilding Europe is very proud to be part of this spectacular exhibition tour and has been the main exhibition partner bringing the outdoor exhibitions to several capital cities already, like Madrid, Berlin and Stockholm. Exhibitions that have had massive public outreach (Berlin: 1 million visitors, Madrid: 110 million in media outreach).

Wild Wonders of Europe is the Main communication partner of Rewilding Europe and also carries out a series of photo missions to the different rewilding areas, wildlife releases and different specific themes.

Wild Wonders of Europe
Unseen – Unexpected – Unforgettable
Revealing Europe’s amazing natural treasures to the world
A heritage to share – To enjoy – To protect

Conservation Capital

Conservation Capital is a unique conservation organisation in that it focuses exclusively on linking private sector business and investment finance with global biodiversity conservation.

Conservation Capital has raised and structured over 200 million Euros of private investment finance for conservation-based businesses across 26 countries in a diverse range of industry sectors.  This has resulted in the generation of over 25 million Euros of annual commercial revenues which help cover the costs of conserving (or incentivizing the conservation of) many millions of acres of valuable wild and natural habitats.

The Conservation Capital team consists of business people, lawyers, accountants and conservation managers who together have pioneered a range of innovative conservation business development techniques and are presently leading the creation of some of the world’s first conservation business investment funds.

Conservation Capital’s role within Rewilding Europe is to work towards the development of a new nature-based economy in key areas of rural Europe where declining forms of economic activity (primarily agriculture) will be replaced with new wildlife and wilderness-based businesses.

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