Rewilding is an essential nature-based climate solution

March 18, 2022

By enabling nature recovery, rewilding can play a game-changing role helping us to mitigate the scale and impact of global warming. The fifth in our ongoing series of impact stories takes a look at how European rewilding has evolved as a nature-based climate solution over the last 10 years.

Rewilding can deliver game-changing climate impact, but only if it is scaled up right now. Over the last decade, Rewilding Europe has worked to support the scaling-up process.


Climate positive: going beyond net zero

The historic 2016 Paris Agreement saw almost all of the world’s nations commit to efforts to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C, which will minimise the risk of extreme climate-related effects. These efforts are currently focused on eliminating carbon dioxide emissions by 2050, through measures such as renewable energy development and electrification.

Yet even if such efforts are completely successful, they will not be enough to achieve the 1.5°C target. This is because there is already too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which now needs to be removed and stored in terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments. If we are to effectively address climate change, this means we need nature’s help to go beyond net zero. And to help nature help us, we need rewilding.


Positive impact

As a critical climate solution, rewilding is practical, inspirational, cost-effective, and available now. A solution that can not only help to mitigate the scale and impact of climate change, but which – at the same time – can also enhance biodiversity and make the world a more liveable place for all.

The fifth in Rewilding Europe’s series of impact stories – which are designed to celebrate our ten-year anniversary – looks at how European rewilding has evolved as a nature-based climate solution over the last decade.


climate positive impact story


Rewilding Europe has played a key role in this evolution, through rewilding interventions in its own operational landscapes, and by encouraging and supporting other rewilding initiatives in their climate-related efforts, such as the Bunloit Estate in Scotland, and the Border Meuse (or “Grensmaas“) initiative on the Dutch-Belgian border.


Helping nature help us

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Going forwards, Rewilding Europe will continue its efforts to scale up rewilding as an impactful nature-based climate solution. We are partnering with an ever-increasing number of socially and environmentally aware businesses, who want to invest in rewilding as a way of addressing climate change, enhancing biodiversity, and delivering a wide range of other benefits to people and society.

Rewilding is about co-creating a wilder, better, nature and climate positive future. A future where ecosystems are healthier and wildlife populations far more abundant, where our climate is stable, and where we all enjoy the benefits that nature provides. As Rewilding Europe works to make this vision a reality, we invite companies, organisations, institutions, foundations and individuals to join us. Let’s help nature heal our climate together.


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