Rewilding Europe in National Geographic Magazine, Dutch/Belgian edition

August 25, 2011

A 12-page story was published in the September issue of the National Geographic Magazine, Dutch/Belgian edition. NGM Staff writer Pancras Dijk visited the rewilding areas Campanarios de Azaba and Faia Brava in Western Iberia, both parts of the Rewilding Europe initiative. The opening spread can be seen here.

Pancras Dijk tells the fascinating story about the changes in the countryside here – about the land abandonment, about an ageing population and about half-open landscapes that are quickly turning into bushland. He also describes the opportunities: the rewilding of a huge area where wild nature can stand on its own feet and where wild nature could become the new engine of the local economy.

A fantastic story, with all images by Staffan Widstrand/Wild Wonders of Europe, shot on assignment for the magazine on location.

National Geographic Magazine

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