Rewilding Europe on Dutch TV

November 20, 2012

An episode of the Dutch TV programme “Kanjers Van Goud” (Heroes of Gold) that was filmed in our Western Iberia rewilding area, is now available for watching online.

In the episode, our marketing director Staffan Widstrand guides the programme host Martijn Krabbé in our Western Iberia rewilding area, joining in for the release of wild horses and cattle, exploring a vulture feast from a hide, and witnessing signs of land abandonment.

In the end, Martijn surprises Staffan by presenting him with the honorable “Gouden Wimpel” (the Golden Streamer) – the highest award from the Dutch Postcode Lottery, a much appreciated supporter of Rewilding Europe. Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton are among the very few non-Dutch to have received the award in 14 years of its existence.

It’s a nice watch, even if you don’t speak a word of Dutch – the interviews are in English and the pictures speak for themselves, anyway!

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