Rewilding Europe launches Travel Club

September 26, 2012

We just launched the Rewilding Europe Travel Club – a community of people who like nature travel and nature experiences in a wide sense.

This is because we firmly believe that nature travel is one of the keys to rewilding, wildlife comeback and wilderness conservation in Europe. Nature travel is an important business already today in many places in Europe, and it will be much, much more so during the years to come. Nature travel is a great way for wildlife, wilderness and wild values to deliver basis for serious income, jobs and business opportunities for people who live where those wild values exist. Nature travel is also a great way for all of us to get a closer and better first-hand wow-experience from the wild wonders of our natural heritage. It is a way to enjoy the wild and at the same time be a part of protecting it.

With the Rewilding Europe Travel Club we want to connect the keen and eager nature travellers with fantastic destinations, wonderful experiences and high quality outfitters and operators. A win-win-win situation for nature travellers, nature tour businesses and nature itself alike. To make it more fun and exciting for the Club’s members, we added an element of chance – as a member You will actually be able to possibly win fantastic nature holidays at wonderful sites in Europe! For free!

Becoming a member of the Travel Club is easy, just please complete the registration here and you’re in. Travel Club membership is free and we will regularly draw prizes among the members – the first five nature holidays will be given away on December 14, 2012. Very welcome!

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