Promotional film of Rewilding Europe released today

September 27, 2016

We are excited to announce the release of Rewilding Europe’s first promotional film today, presenting our vision for a wilder Europe. Take a few moments and travel with us to some of the rewilding areas in which we work, learn about the historic opportunities for rewilding, and how this can benefit both nature and people.

The short film (3’39) explains Rewilding Europe’s vision and approach to make wild nature a normal part of a modern Europe in the 21st century. Learn why we believe there is a historic opportunity to shape our natural landscapes of the future. Find out how rewilding can provide new perspectives for rural communities living in Europe’s countryside.

The film takes you on an exciting journey through the wild parts of Western Iberia in Portugal, the Velebit Mountains in Croatia, the Southern Carpathians in Romania and the vast area of Lapland in Sweden. Have a look at our continent and how we can rewild our rivers, forests, wetlands, coasts, seas and open plains. Imagine these places where nature is left to take care much more of itself, where species thrive in more natural numbers, where rivers flow freely and where food chains are restored.

We are working to rewild one million hectares and at the same time create a business case for the wild, providing jobs and income for local communities. To make our vision a reality we are working to inspire dozens of other rewilding initiatives across our continent. We invite you to join us, support and spread our vision and become part of the rewilding movement!

This promotional film was produced by Emmanuel Rondeau, a French cinematographer and producer from White Fox Pictures, sponsored by Canon France and in cooperation with Rewilding Europe. We would like to thank Arrola Film, Off the Fence and KRO-NCRV Brandpunt for providing additional footage and to all the people behind the scenes involved in the production. Enjoy!

(The promotional film is also available for viewing on our social media channels.)

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