Partnership Rewilding Europe and WILD Foundation extended

June 25, 2014

Rewilding Europe and US-based The WILD Foundation have extended their partnership agreement by signing a “Collaborative Conservation Agreement” for 2014–2015.

Vance Martin, President of the WILD Foundation at Wild10, The World Wilderness Congress, Salamanca, Spain
Vance Martin, President of the WILD Foundation at Wild10, The World Wilderness Congress, Salamanca, Spain
Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe

The partnership will build on the successful cooperation so far and will focus on further building on the results of WILD10 (the 10th World Wilderness Congress), planning of the WILD11, sharing of networks and best practice models (in particular between North America, Africa and Europe), fostering intergenerational work in Europe such as CoalitionWILD (‘Rising Leaders for a Wider World’) and further promotion of the “Vision for a Wilder Europe” (launched at WILD10 in October 2013).

‘’WILD10 has provided Europe with a great platform to increase the interest in rewilding, wilderness protection and wildlife comeback’, says Frans Schepers, Managing Director of Rewilding Europe. ‘Also the role of The WILD Foundation in facilitating and supporting the ‘Vision for a Wilder Europe’ has been instrumental. In our renewed partnership agreement with WILD Foundation we will continue to build on these successes, putting our work in Europe in a global perspective, sharing and learning from other examples in the world’.

Vance Martin, President of WILD and the WWC, is equally enthusiastic about the continuing collaboration. “Rewilding Europe is doing important work—demonstrating that wild nature and humankind can live together, in a new manner, on the world’s most densely populated continent. What they are learning and accomplishing will provide important guidelines for work in many other regions of the world. It will certainly complement, inform, and strengthen the global work that WILD does through our projects, our network, and the World Wilderness Congress.”

Both WILD Foundation and Rewilding Europe have just published their Annual Reviews in which they present their achievements in 2013. You can download the Annual Review 2013 of Rewilding Europe here.

The WILD Foundation began in Africa and then established as a US not for profit organization in 1974. The foundation is based in Colorado and works for wilderness, wildlife and people in the US and throughout the world. WILD Foundation is founder/steward of the World Wilderness Congress. You can download the Annual Report 2013 here. For more information, please visit

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