Internship opportunities connected with Rewilding Europe

May 30, 2014

Rewilding Europe is beginning to offer opportunities for internships within the field of rewilding and nature conservation topics, starting in the summer of 2014 in four of our rewilding areas: Danube Delta (Romania), Southern Carpathians (Romania), Velebit (Croatia) and Western Iberia (Spain/Portugal).

Students st Peña de Francia, Western Iberia rewilding area
Students st Peña de Francia, Western Iberia rewilding area
Annemiek Leuvenink

In addition, there are oppotunities for short internships at Kresna Gorge (Bulgaria), where the LIFE for Kresna Gorge is a member of the European Rewilding Network.

If you are interested, please contact Frank Zanderink, who is the ”Students’ broker” for Rewilding Europe (frank.zanderink(at) He has the same position within our partner organisation ARK Nature, which also offers internship opportunities within nature conservation and rewilding topics.

 For more detailed information about the criteria for student internships with ARK and Rewilding Europe, please see here.

 We also need volunteers who can help us with posting blogs, images, newsbites and other material on Instagram, FB, Twitter etc. If you feel you might be willing to help us out with that, please do contact our Communications Manager Iva Tontcheva (iva.tontcheva(at)

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