Humberto Tan visits Velebit and Apennines rewilding areas for National Geographic

November 23, 2017

A 25-minute documentary featuring renowned TV presenter and Dutch Postcode Lottery Ambassador Humberto Tan was released in Amsterdam today. Produced by New Earth Films productions and Buro JAM for National Geographic in the Netherlands, the documentary – titled “Door Het Oog” (“Through the Eye of” in English) – showcases Tan’s visits to the Velebit Mountains and Central Apennines in July and September. Here he shot photos of Rewilding Europe’s ongoing work, as well as local landscapes, wildlife and people.

Humberto Tan on a photo mission in Lika Plains, Velebit rewilding area, Croatia.
Humberto Tan on a photo mission in Lika Plains, Velebit rewilding area, Croatia.
Frans Schepers/Rewilding Europe

In the Velebit Mountains of Croatia Tan was guided by local photographer Nino Salkić, while in Italy’s Central Apennines he was led by Bruno D’Amicis, an Italian professional photographer and winner of several awards, including World Press Photo and Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

The teams, accompanied by Frans Schepers, co-founder and managing director of Rewilding Europe, spent many hours in the field. On the hunt for wildlife such as brown bears, chamois and red deer, they visited beautiful old growth forests and mountain peaks. The documentary follows Tan on his journey through these spectacular landscapes.

“I found it hugely interesting and exciting to visit two of the areas where Rewilding Europe works,” says Tan. “It was a real surprise to discover that Europe has such beautiful natural landscapes.  Shooting photos here was a truly memorable experience.”

Humberto Tan

Presenter of a diverse range of TV programmes, Humberto Tan has received a number of awards for his work. He is also an enthusiastic photographer and Canon Ambassador. In 2016 he won a photography TV contest called “The Perfect Picture” (“Het Perfecte Plaatje”).

Since 2013 Humberto Tan is host of the daily news programme “RTL Late Night”. He is also an ambassador for WWF Netherlands and the Dutch Red Cross.

This documentary was made possible thanks to the support of the Dutch Postcode Lottery, National Geographic, Canon and Camera Nu, in close cooperation with Rewilding Europe.

“Door Het Oog” airs on Sunday 26 November at 22.30 hrs on National Geographic in the Netherlands. A one-off glossy publication titled ‘HUMBERTO’ was also released today, featuring some of the images that the presenter shot in the Velebit and Central Apennines.

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See the photo-impression of the filming shoots in Velebit. Images by Frans Schepers/Rewilding Europe.

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