Dam removal internship available

August 22, 2019

Are you passionate about reconnecting Europe’s rivers and restoring biodiversity by removing obsolete dams and barriers? If so, we might have an interesting internship for you.

The removal of the Sindi Dam and other barriers along Estonia's Pärnu River will mean more than 3000 kilometres of waterway can flow unrestricted once again.
Dam Removal Europe works on restoring European rivers by removing old and obsolete dams and weirs.
Ministry of the Environment, Estonia


Potential for dam removal

Biodiversity along European rivers has decreased by more than 80% over the last 40 years, which means the need to halt and reverse this decline is now imperative. With tens of thousands of dams interrupting European waterways, the removal of these hugely detrimental barriers has proven to be the most environmentally and economically effective measure for restoring rivers.

Rewilding Europe is a partner in Dam Removal Europe (DRE), a European-wide coalition of organisations working to revitalise European rivers by removing old and non-used dams and weirs. Within this coalition, Rewilding Europe is leading the development of business models for the removal of dams. Such scalable (financial) models serve both ecological and socio-economic goals.

To explore the potential for developing these dam removal business models (on a country-by-country basis) further, Rewilding Europe is offering a new, six-month internship, starting in October 2019.


Required outcomes

  • A per-EU country broad overview of policies, legislations and subsidy systems that support or hinder dam removal
  • An first-level analysis of the most promising dam removals in the most opportunity-rich countries and their potential for upscaling to other similar situations in Europe.
  • Recommendations to Rewilding Europe as to how to assimilate these scalable models into a rewilding investment fund.

Those interested in this position are invited to download the full description of the Dam Removal Internship.


Apply internship 

All applications should be sent to info@rewildingeurope.com no later than September 21, 2019, including a CV and motivational letter. Any questions regarding this position should also be sent to this email address.

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