Coto Doñana officials visited Western Iberia

March 26, 2013

Last week Juan José Negro, director of the Doñana Biological Station visited the Western Iberia rewilding area. Together with researchers Juan Calderon and Fernando Ibáñez from the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) they spent time at the Biological Reserve Campanarios de Azaba.

Last summer 20 Retuerta horses were brought to Campanarios de Azaba from the Coto Doñana National Park. The reintroduction of these rare horses were possible due to good collaboration with the Doñana Biological Station.

The researchers concluded that “the Retuerta horses are in great condition and that it looks like they are well adapted for living in the dehesa environment.”

More about the Retuerta horses in Western Iberia.

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