Annual Review 2016: a rewilding retrospective

April 24, 2017

Five years on from the foundation of Rewilding Europe, the year 2016 marked an important milestone for our young but rapidly developing initiative. Unveiled at the Wild Ways event on April 19, 2017, the Annual Review for 2016 looks back at Rewilding Europe’s major achievements over the period 2011–2016, as well as outlining our ambitions for the future.

There have actually been multiple milestone moments and achievements in Rewilding Europe’s short history. These include the ability to start working in eight rewilding areas across Europe, the substantial and ongoing support from our main financial partners, WILD10 in Salamanca, where we presented our initiative to the world, the start of two large LIFE projects funded by the European Commission, the launch of Rewilding Europe Capital, Europe’s first rewilding enterprise financing facility and the European Safari Company, specialising in nature-based experiential travel across Europe, the growth of the European Rewilding Network, and last but not least, the strong interest in rewilding that we have generated amongst the media, academic sector and wider public.

All in all, we have now received over 30 nominations for rewilding areas from across Europe, and this process is still ongoing. Numerous pilot activities, partnerships, engagements, local businesses and an array of positive results and outcomes today pay testament to the success of rewilding and its burgeoning momentum.

Through general overviews, graphs, figures and infographics, the Annual Review 2016 helps readers understand what Rewilding Europe has been doing, and how the initiative has been evolving, since it was founded.

AR 2016 Cover photoBuilding on the success of last year’s edition, it also presents a wide selection of feature stories. Profiling Rewilding Europe’s work at both general and local area level, these illustrate progress in rewilding, enterprise and communication, and continued efforts towards achievement of our five main objectives.

As vignettes of the way we operate and the benefits that rewilding can bring, these feature stories provide deeper insight into the opportunities and challenges that Rewilding Europe faces, both at a central level and in individual rewilding areas. Readers can learn, for example, about our work to reintroduce bison in Romania’s Southern Carpathians, to develop wildlife corridors in Italy’s Central Apennines, to restore vulture populations in Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains, and to transform a hunting concession into a wildlife reserve in Croatia’s Velebit Mountains.

As always, the progress of Rewilding Europe is underpinned by the dedication, enthusiasm and expertise of its team members, as well as the invaluable support of our strategic and financial partners, Rewilding Europe Circle members, advisors and supporters. You can find out more about all of them in this review.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading our Annual Review for 2016. As we look forward to the next five years (and beyond), your essential support – be it new or long standing – is warmly welcomed and deeply appreciated.

You can read or download the Annual Review 2016 here or by clicking on the cover photo above. If you would like to order a hard copy, please email us at

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