About Rewilding Europe internships

November 14, 2013

The Rewilding Europe initiative is growing very fast – in areas, activities and ambitions, but also in numbers of supporters and enthusiastic fans, especially among young people. Our stand at the WILD10 in October in Salamanca, Spain was crowded all the time and many of the visitors wondered how they could become rewilding volunteers and asking how they could help Rewilding Europe.

We also get lots of requests for internships. Several dozens just in the last couple of weeks only!

We are of course very happy and proud of this heartfelt support from you all, and our full team really appreciates your enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, right now we haven’t had quite the capacity to offer internship opportunities to students. But those times will come soon, so meanwhile, we would like to propose to all those interested in internships to contact our colleague Frank Zanderink, who will be the students’ broker for Rewilding Europe in due time. He has the same position at our partner organisation ARK Nature, but right now there are no vacancies. So wait for further opportunities until March 2014.

The initial idea is to create a Rewilding Europe internship database and when we have the capacity, rewilding mentors in the areas, topics and activities that we need your help with, we will contact the selected ones of you. Please send to Frank Zanderink (frank.zanderink (at) ark.eu) information about yourself and your interests in nature and rewilding, your expertise and desired fields of research and work you would like to do, when you could go, your motivation to join our efforts, preferences to travel to the rewilding sites and live there for a couple of months.

You can also contact the team members in our rewilding areas directly.

And the members also of our recently launched European Rewilding Network and its online database will hopefully inspire you to make the best choice and getting ready for the rewilding internship.

Wild regards,
Rewilding Europe team

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