Natural Grazing Facility

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Natural Grazing Facility

Does your organisation have a surplus of, or a need for large herbivores to conduct natural grazing activities? The Natural Grazing Facility connects demand and supply of herbivores among organisations dedicated to rewilding principles.

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Scaling up natural grazing

Natural grazing is an important ecological process delivering increasing benefits across Europe. Rewilding Europe is playing a very active role in the reintroduction and restocking of large herbivores across Europe.

Through the Natural Grazing Facility we aim to champion the widespread adoption of natural grazing practices throughout Europe by connecting demand and supply of herbivores among organisations dedicated to rewilding principles.

The Natural Grazing Facility aims to help bring back more natural densities of herbivores in our European landscapes. These big grazers and browsers play key roles in the natural functioning of our ecosystems.

Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe

Main target species

Species considered in the Natural Grazing Facility are large mammal herbivores relevant to conduct natural grazing in Europe. This includes native grazing and browsing species (e.g. deer), but also functional analogues of extinct European species, like rewilded horses and bovines.


Contact us

The Natural Grazing Facility holds a database of contacts from which offers and demands can be identified and brokering deals facilitated.

We invite organisations involved in natural grazing who have a surplus or are in need for large herbivores.

Contact us if the following criteria apply:

You are an organisation involved in natural grazing in Europe.

You have a surplus or a need for large grazers.

You are dedicated to follow the rewilding principles.

If the above criteria apply to your initiative, then we would love to speak with you.

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