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Invest with us

Invest with us

Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe


Invest in rewilding enterprises

Rewilding Europe supports the development of nature-based businesses across our rewilding areas and beyond. Our team identifies relevant local entrepreneurs and businesses, welcoming opportunities to connect them with environmentally minded investors or potential business partners.

For this purpose, Rewilding Europe Capital welcomes partnerships with private individuals, companies and environmentally minded investors to collaborate in Rewilding Europe Capital’s mission and growth. This will serve as a precursor to a larger and more conventional conservation enterprise investment model as the initiative builds momentum and its investment track record. If you are interested in these opportunities, we invite you to contact us for more details.

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Bruno D'Amicis / Rewilding Europe

Invest in wildlife comeback

Rewilding Europe’s rapidly developing European Wildlife Bank works to boost the numbers of wildlife in rewilding areas and to support natural grazing as a key ecological process. We put a particular focus on large herbivores such as red deer, European bison, chamois, Spanish ibex, wild horses and wild bovines. This innovative mechanism works at the European level, and already involves nearly 900 animals of different species and breeds.

You can help the European Wildlife Bank by supporting the purchase, translocation or management of animals as your own “investment”. In this way, you can become connected with your own ‘starter herd’ similar to an investment as herds will have annual growth rates between 15 and 25%. These growth will be used to expand the grazing areas or start new natural grazing sites.

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Staffan Widstrand

Endowment Initiative

After working passionately and continuously over the past years to get Rewilding Europe off the ground, we are now prioritizing to ensure that there is a solid financial base from which we can secure our operations in the years to come.

As one of the ways to achieve this is to develop a new mechanism: the Rewilding Europe Endowment Initiative. This is an exclusive and dedicated financial support initiative that is unique in its set up and participation mechanism. A separate foundation, registered as a charity in The Netherlands, was established in 2017 with the purpose to contribute to the financial sustainability of the Rewilding Europe foundation for the medium and long term.

In a special brochure, you will find more information about the Rewilding Europe Endowment Initiative, how it works, how you can participate, and how it contributes to the overall objectives of our initiative.

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“With the Endowment Initiative, participants will be able to contribute in a unique and personal way to the rewilding of Europe.”

Wiet de Bruijn
Chairman of Board, Rewilding Europe

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