European Young Rewilders

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European Young Rewilders

We want to create a wilder Europe by uniting young rewilding professionals and enthusiasts.

Through the creation of a network that provides members with tools, we will empower young Europeans to become active players in the rewilding movement.

Supporting the next generation

With its positive message and emphasis on practical conservation, rewilding is playing an increasingly important role connecting younger generations with nature. In its mission to make Europe a wilder place, Rewilding Europe wants to inspire the next generation of European conservationists to help restore the natural world. Therefore, we are supporting the European Young Rewilders.

Bruno D'Amicis

European Young Rewilders

The European Young Rewilders is a network of young professionals and enthusiasts, which aims to connect people across Europe and help them get involved with rewilding.

They provide young rewilders with an empowering platform that facilitates capacity-building, the sharing of experiences and knowledge and fosters a movement that amplifies both the voice and perspective of young people on rewilding. They also facilitate meaningful youth inclusion in decision-making and increase awareness of the role of youth and activism in the field of rewilding.

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Engaging and empowering young people is vital to the growth of rewilding.
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Help us to support the development of the European Young Rewilders and allow them to unite young professionals and enthusiasts!


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