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The Big5 of Europe

January 14, 2014  |  News

Chris Dusauchoit, a Flemish radio- and television presenter and one of the faces of the Belgian TV show “Dieren in nesten” has, together with two young biologists launched the ambition to define which wild animals that are the five most impressive animals of the old continent. They are convinced: just like Africa has its Big5, we have to give our continent its own Big5!

More than 10,000 likes now for Making Europe a Wilder Place!

January 4, 2014  |  News

Rewilding Europe’s facebook page reached 10,000 likes! We are very happy to see the rapidly growing interest in what we are trying to do, in the rewilding concept and its expansion, and in the many rewilding areas. Many thanks to you all for your thousands of facebook likes, to all these committed and passionate supporters of the idea to Make Europe a Wilder place!

Wolf hunting ban on the Slovak side of the Eastern Carpathians

January 3, 2014  |  News

A regional wolf hunting ban was recently decided in eastern Slovakia, covering one of the rewilding areas: the Poloniny National Park and the Eastern Carpathians Landscape Park, also called the “Wolf Mountains”. This is the first positive step in the restoration and protection of the wolf population in the Carpathians.

The brown bear as start-up for Rewilding Apennines

December 21, 2013  |  News

Rewilding Europe finalised today a new two-year partnership with Swiss-based Fondation Segré. The ambition is to prepare and implement urgent measures for the conservation of the Marsican brown bear in Central Apennines.

Winners of the December 2013 draw of the Travel Club

December 20, 2013  |  News

The lucky winners of the Christmas draw in our rapidly growing Travel Club were drawn on December 20, 2013 by Frans Schepers, Managing Director of Rewilding Europe, Ilko Bosman, Finance and Operations Director and Iva Tontcheva, Communications Manager.

Six trips on offer in the December 2013 Travel Club draw

December 8, 2013  |  News

Driving one’s own draft reindeer with a sled through the snow-covered landscape and across frozen lakes in Sweden! This is the fantastic Grand Prize (for two!) in the December draw of the Rewilding Europe Travel Club. What more can you wish for a Christmas present!

“The Wolf Mountains” film on screen in Slovakia

December 4, 2013  |  News

The stunning documentary “The Wolf Mountains – Where Nature Is Getting a Second Chance” about the Eastern Carpathians rewilding site, is enjoying huge interest: more than 700 people attended its Slovakian premiere and the discussion until midnight with the authors in the town of Trencin.

About Rewilding Europe internships

November 14, 2013  |  News

The Rewilding Europe initiative is growing very fast – in areas, activities and ambitions, but also in numbers of supporters and enthusiastic fans, especially among young people. Our stand at the WILD10 in October in Salamanca, Spain was crowded all the time and many of the visitors wondered how they could become rewilding volunteers and asking how they could help Rewilding Europe.

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