Social study in Ukraine finds positive attitudes to rewilding

May 23, 2024  |  News

The Rewilding Ukraine team have been carrying out efforts to restore the Tarutino Steppe since 2019. A social study carried out recently by the team found widespread support for rewilding among the residents of Borodino, a community which owns the steppe. The results of the study will help to guide future engagement as rewilding scales up.

Rewilding forest generates revenue for communities in the Iberian Highlands

May 3, 2024  |  News

Rewilding Spain has signed its first agreement to protect an old-growth forest in the Iberian Highlands. A change in forest management will support natural regeneration, delivering benefits to both nature and people. With other owners of old-growth forests interested in signing similar agreements, there is significant scaling-up potential.

Oyster restoration initiative receives loan from Rewilding Europe

April 11, 2024  |  News

Pioneering start-up Oyster Heaven is working to restore populations of European native oysters across the North Sea and beyond. A loan from Rewilding Europe Capital will help the business scale up operations, with the restoration of this keystone species set to deliver wide-ranging benefits to people and nature.

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