The European Bison: a gastronomic giant

February 9, 2021  |  Blog

The feeding habits of Europe’s largest terrestrial mammal impact a wide range of other wild animals and plants, as well as people. Bianca Stefanut of the Southern Carpathians rewilding team in Romania explains how these landscape architects enhance wild nature, and details some of the measures used to keep human-bison relations harmonious.

Back from the brink: the European bison is a living legend

January 5, 2021  |  Blog

Ongoing conservation efforts mean the European bison recently moved from Vulnerable to Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Bianca Stefanut of the Southern Carpathians rewilding team describes the longstanding importance of this iconic animal to Romanian culture and ecology.

New book on rewilding in Spain published

October 15, 2020  |  Blog

Authored by Jordi Palau, an expert in protected areas and game reserve management in northern Spain, “Rewilding Iberia” has just been published by Lynx Edicions. Supported by a small donation from Rewilding Europe, the aim of the book is to take rewilding forwards in Spain and promote its application across the northern Mediterranean region. We caught up with Jordi to learn more.

Why we need the wild: an interview with Enric Sala

October 13, 2020  |  Blog

There is an urgent need to rewild our planet, says Dr. Enric Sala. The marine ecologist and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence is author of the recently published book: “The Nature of Nature: Why We Need The Wild”.

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