Rewilding Europe

Rewilding partners

FREE Nature is an organization that works on restoring natural processes in nature and reintroduced wild and semi-wild bovines, horses and even European bison in different European nature reserves. In The Netherlands they also execute the daily management of their herds.


Large Herbivore Network is focused on promoting the essential need for conserving and restoring large herbivore populations in their natural habitats, leading to projects. LHNet supports the Wildlife Recovery Programme together with their active international platform with experts in 57 Eurasian countries. LHNet’s website contains the ecological and spatial information of 35 species of large herbivores, including large carnivores and vultures.


Flaxfield Nature is an experienced consultancy working in Eurasia and Northern America. Flaxfield Nature is specialized in practical field conservation, integrating species conservation into habitat and ecosystem conservation and has a long time experience in large carnivore and large herbivore conservation.


Taurus is private Dutch foundation that uses cattle and horses in nature management and natural grazing schemes. Taurus is involved in a breeding programme of TaurOs. TaurOs  is a species that should be indistinguishable from the former Aurochs, which got extinct in 1627. The project has a broad scientific foundation with a multidisciplinary angle. The breeding started in 2009 and a Spanish and Portuguese breeding station was identified in the Rewilding Europe’s Western Iberia project.


Herds and Homelands has international experience in rewilding cattle and horses in many European reserves and has long time involvement in bringing back Eurasia’s last surviving wild horse, the Przewalski, into the steppes of Mongolia. Herds and Homelands has great knowledge of the social aspects of rewilding cows and horses.


Wild Europe Initiative promotes a coordinated strategy for protection and restoration of wilderness and large wild areas of natural process and habitat, addressing the threats and opportunities facing them.It is a partnership of organizations providing a joint voice, rather than a membership body per se; aiming to support existing organizations and initiatives but not to duplicate their activities. The partnership is currently comprised of agencies, NGOs and other institutions. Its links reach beyond conservation to seek consensus with farming, forestry, business and urban social interests.


The WILD Foundation started its history in Africa and then established a United States based non-for-profit organization in 1974, based in Colorado. The WILD Foundation works for wilderness, wildlife and people in the United States and throughout the world  and is the founder and steward of the World Wilderness Congress.