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Rewilding Europe Award: “Wolves on the hunt” wins top photography prize

October 23, 2023  |  News

As part of the annual European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, the Rewilding Europe Award celebrates some of the best rewilding-related imagery from across Europe. This year’s award-winning photo, by German photographer Tobias Richter, showcases the recovery of European wildlife populations and how they are interacting in wilder landscapes.

Life through the lens: an interview with Joshi Nichell

April 19, 2023  |  Blog

Last year, young German photographer and videographer Joshi Nichell won the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition’s first ever Rewilding Europe Award. We caught up with Joshi to find out more about his life, work, and thoughts on rewilding.

Five new wildlife hides open in the Velebit Mountains

August 11, 2022  |  News

Four new wildlife hides have been built – and one renovated – in our Velebit Mountains Rewilding Landscape in Croatia, and are now open for bookings. This marks the start of an exciting new chapter in our partnership with SKUA Nature – one of Europe’s leading wildlife photography organisations dedicated to promoting sustainable nature tourism.

Communicating rewilding

January 31, 2019  |  Blog

As an inspirational, ambitious and pragmatic approach to conservation, rewilding is now reaching out to and captivating a growing number of people across Europe. Rewilding Europe caught up with Pete Cairns, project director of SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, to discuss the issue of rewilding-themed communications.

Rhodopean photo exhibition draws the crowds in Bulgaria

September 18, 2018  |  News

With its breathtaking images of vultures and other wild nature, the “Lords of the Rhodopean Skies” exhibition thrilled attendees in three Bulgarian cities and raised the profile of the ongoing rewilding initiative in the Rhodope Mountains.

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