Millingerwaard, part of Gelderse Poort

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    Natura 2000, EHS (Dutch: Ecologische Hoofd Structuur)

The Millingerwaard is a nature area where natural processes such as flooding, erosion, silting, spraying, succession, grazing and trampling are allowed. It shows that the resilience of nature along the river is high. In the past 20 years the management of the Millingerwaard has been very successful.

Millingerwaard after flooding


  • Habitat types: softwood, levees, river dunes, marshes
  • Keystone species present: beaver, black tern
  • Fauna (mega) species present: badger, roe deer, red fox
  • Fauna species reintroduced: beaver
  • Vegetation types present: gloss meadow oat, softwood floodplain forest, hardwood floodplain forest, swamps


  • Description: Large scale restoration of natural processes with year round grazing of social herds (Konik horse and Galloway cattle herds) and reintroduction of red deer and wild boar.
  • Aim: To increase natural processes as part of a larger ecological network
  • Vision: To restore and increase natural processes as part of a larger ecological network
  • Flagship species: Beaver


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