Unique trip of fascinating wildlife discovery in the Danube Delta this spring

February 20, 2015

The family business that received the first Rewilding Europe Capital loan in Romania, Jenica pension from Danube Delta, is proud to present their first wildlife tourism offer for 2015, “Five days in the Danube Delta: the spring migration”.

White Pelican (Pelecanus onolocratus) in the Danube Delta, Romania.
White Pelican (Pelecanus onolocratus) in the Danube Delta, Romania.
Manuel Presti / Wild Wonders of Europe

Spring is a magical season in the Danube Delta rewilding area. During spring there are hundreds of migratory bird species moving through this region, and the waterways, coastal landscape and extensive marsh lands make this a birding paradise. The list of birds you can enjoy is endless: Dalmatian pelican, white pelican, Eurasian spoonbill, night heron, squacco heron, purple heron, little egret, great white egret, pygmy cormorant…

The Dimache family is ready to introduce you to the other guests arriving from very far away, the flocks of impressive birds who are coming back to their nesting grounds in the Delta from the Mediterranean Sea, the Nile Valley and sub-Saharan Africa. For the Dimache family it would be a joy to invite you to discover their most secret places where these birds display their beautiful plumages, their songs and even dances. The great-crested grebes will definitely put on a fine show for you.

Jeni & Dumitru Dimache offer boat trips in the Danube Delta.
Dimache family offers boat trips in the Danube Delta.
Jeni & Dumitru Dimache

“For us launching this offer is new and exciting and it matters so much to us, because it’s about our home, about the beautiful place we live in and we would like people to really explore it,” says Dumitru Dimache, the business owner and local guide. “In the spring it’s the perfect time to begin to know the incredible biodiversity of the Delta!”

“A visit to the Delta is truly amazing, with the vast open water ways, small secret channels and abundance of wildlife. The views are breath-taking and the warm family hospitality make this experience superb,” adds Simon Collier, Rewilding Europe wildlife tourism manager. “Dumitru & Jeni go out of their way to make you feel at home, and Jeni’s cooking is both the best way to start & finish each adventurous day! Don’t miss out!”

You can find all the details about this trip opportunity, including all the prices and a map of the area on the dedicated Rewilding Europe Safaris page.

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