“The Wolf Mountains” film on screen in Slovakia

December 4, 2013

The stunning documentary “The Wolf Mountains – Where Nature Is Getting a Second Chance” about the Eastern Carpathians rewilding site, is enjoying huge interest: more than 700 people attended its Slovakian premiere and the discussion until midnight with the authors in the town of Trencin.

Later on, the film was screened in the small towns of Nitra, Kosice and Velke Uherce and so far, around 2.000 people have seen it. The first screenings of the documentary were also featured by Markiza TV, Slovakian Television and Slovakian Radio, several articles are being published in the coming weeks.

The film tells the story about one of the remaining large wilderness and wildlife areas in Europe, known in the past as the Wolf Mountains (Vlčie hory), that straddles Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine. This is one of the last wildernesses left in Europe and one of Europe’s top wildlife areas. Erik Baláž, Slovak film maker of films about wild nature, and also the previous project leader of the Eastern Carpathians rewilding area, spent three years in the region together with his friends Karol Kaliský and Jozef Fiala. They were searching for elusive wolves, bison, bears and other extraordinary animals, which share this territory. Here one of Europe’s largest wild-living populations of bison lives side by side with red deer, roe deer, wild boar, lynx, wolves, brown bears, beavers and otters. A wild world, almost untouched by people’s hands for over 60 years! You can see it now with your own eyes in this 48-minute movie that might change your understanding of wildlife for ever. “If our land was able to create such amazing miracles in the past, it will manage to do it again. If we create really large protected areas and leave them on their own, we will experience things  we can’t even dare dreaming of today”, Erik Baláž explains his inspiration for “The Wolf Mountains” and his great work in the Eastern Carpathians rewilding site.

Rewilding Europe has supported  the production of the “The Wolf Mountains” film,  both financially and technically. It has been produced by Arolla Film, a Slovak-based film company.
You can order the film on DVD for 9.90 EUR on Arolla Film’s website (12,90 EUR for delivery within Europe). The film company sends 10% of the income from every sold DVD to support The Wolf Mountains project.

The Rewilding Europe fans and readers of our website and facebook pages have exclusive access to view this exceptional piece of wildlife filming until December 15th. To view it, please click http://vimeo.com/78412712#t  and enter the password kakaovnik77.

The film was launched at the 10th World Wilderness Congress, WILD10 in Salamanca, Spain, on 9 October 2013 and the audience was really impressed by the unique wildlife footage and the story-telling talent of the film makers. This was “The Wolf Mountains” first worldwide audience. If you would like to support Erik Baláž’s team in their efforts to arrange a European and global distribution of this fantastic film, please contact him directly at erik (at) wolf.sk or ebalaz77 (at) gmail.com. We thank you very much in advance. Enjoy!

 See here the official trailer

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