“The New Wilderness”: coming soon

July 16, 2013

On 23 September, the stunning Dutch film “De Nieuwe Wildernis” (“The New Wilderness”) will  premiere in Concertgebouw Amsterdam. Three days later, on 26 September you can enjoy it in cinemas. Its magnificent two minute trailer is already off and running in cinemas.


The film has been shot in Oostvaardersplassen, a nature reserve in the Netherlands (Province of Flevoland). The high standard nature reserve has been developed in a location that 40 years ago was under the sea level in one of most densely populated countries in the world. Nowadays, you see there a unique nature show: the nature determines the rhythm. It resulted in a piece of new wilderness that could serve as an example for the Dutch Delta.

EMS Films is the first with exclusive rights to shoot footage during all four seasons in Oostvaardersplassen. The team of “The New Wilderness” filmed in Oostvaardersplassen over a period of two years. The result is a nature film that hasn’t been done in the Netherlands before. In two words: it is a nature spectacle! You will see Konik horses, Red Deer and Heck cattle battling for their new territories. A fox family teaches its little on survival lessons while playing with them. A new wilderness has started. It is a paradise in the spring and summer times, but in the winter you are surrounded by grim landscape. The food is scarce and the inhabitants of the new wilderness spot have to make vital life decisions.

In the team of “The New Wilderness” are Ton Okkerse (producer), Mark Verkerk (director and postproduction), Ruben Smit (director and cameraman) and 22 more people. The authors of the film will make you learn about the wilderness in a new way: by surprising and amazing you.

See here about the premiere of “The New Wilderness” in Concertgebouw Amsterdam on 23 September

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