Rewilding Europe needs a dam removal expert in Sweden

September 8, 2020

Seize the moment and help us develop a scalable business model for the removal of Swedish dams.

The new Dam Removal Europe report calls on European governments to start removing the estimated 30,000 obsolete dams, weirs and sluices negatively impacting biodiversity and local economies across the continent.
Help us restore free-flowing rivers in Sweden.
Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe


An unprecedented opportunity

The removal of dams has proven to be the most environmentally efficient and cost-effective measure for restoring rivers, bringing wide-ranging benefits to both people and wild nature. Rewilding Europe is one of the founder members of the Dam Removal Europe initiative, a coalition of organisations – which also includes the World Fish Migration Foundation and WWF – that is now working collaboratively to remove dams right across Europe.

Sweden has been identified as a priority country for dam removal for a number of reasons. These include:

  • the existence of thousands of obsolete dams along Swedish waterways;
  • the Swedish government’s directive for all dams to be relicensed under the Nationell Prövningsplan;
  • the creation of the Hydropower Environmental Fund, which can provide funding for their removal

The relicensing and removal of dams presents an unprecedented opportunity to restore and rewild rivers in Sweden. Rewilding Europe is now working with Älvräddarna and its Dam Removal Europe partners to support the creation of a scalable business model which can spearhead the removal of large numbers of dams across the country.


Consultancy overview

The objective of this consultancy is to create a business plan for a new Swedish company, the mission of which is to remove as many dams as soon as possible in Sweden. During the initial three-month contract period the expert will work in collaboration with Rewilding Europe, Älvräddarna and their partners to identify priority dams, determine a preferred business structure, investigate the possibilities of working with the Hydropower Environmental Fund and the Nationell Prövningsplan, and determine the scale of finances required to start removing dams in Sweden. Ideally the expert will continue to be involved in the business beyond the initial three-month contract, either directly or as an adviser.

The expert will build on work already undertaken and work closely with other Dam Removal Europe partners, local authorities, local dam owners, the Hydropower Environmental Fund and other relevant stakeholders. Being fully conversant with the intricacies of the Hydropower Environmental Fund is critical, while first-hand experience of dam removal in Sweden is highly desirable. The expert should be fully fluent in Swedish and will preferably be based in Sweden.


Terms of Reference

Those interested in this consultancy, and who think they have the requisite attributes, are invited to download the full Terms of Reference.

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