Rewilding Europe Capital offers loans to boost rewilding businesses

October 28, 2013

Rewilding Europe Capital was recently launched at the WILD10 congress in Salamanca, Spain, and has completed its first two loans to financially support businesses in Velebit (Croatia) and Portugal.

The REC team are currently finalising another six financial loans in the Southern Carpathians, Velebit and Portugal for businesses that have shown their support for rewilding and enthusiasm to engage with Rewilding Europe.

Existing opportunities in the Danube Delta and Central Apennines are also being explored.

The first two businesses supported by REC using loan finance are:

  1. Linden Tree Ranch & Retreat, Velebit, Croatia: A €50,000 loan was provided to expand and refurbish the existing ranch accommodation and services. The loan also secured an annual rewilding levy (financial contribution based on a % of business revenue) to support a number of rewilding activities in Velebit.
  1. Casa Cisterna, Côa River Valley, Portugal:  A €15,000 loan was provided to extend this boutique hotel and secure a rewilding levy to directly support the expansion of the Faia Brava private nature reserve in the Côa River Valley.


Rewilding Europe Capital

REC is the specialist financing division of Rewilding Europe, and provides commercial financial support to new and existing businesses that either directly, or have the potential to, generate economic and social benefits that can support rewilding in Europe.

REC has no sector restrictions for investing, however the fund is particularly interested in the following markets:

  • Tourism accommodation (hotels, lodges and ranches with a connection to nature and wildlife);
  • Nature tourism guides and operators (nature guides, bird and wildlife watching experts, horse trekking, adventure tourism businesses, and wildlife hide operators);
  • Education providers (businesses that provide education or skills courses based in nature, for example school camps, and wildlife education or wilderness survival courses);
  • Natural product manufacturers (for example wild honey, locally produced cheese, olive oil or wine manufacturers);
  • Rural land owners or developers (with more than 25ha of relevant owned or leased land)
  • Hunting groups (associations or private owners that own hunting rights or concessions of more than 100ha).

At present REC can only support businesses that are currently working in or looking to operate in one of Rewilding Europe’s rewilding areas.

If you own a business or would like further information about potential funding opportunities through REC, please contact Mathew McLuckie.

Download an initial loan application here.

28 October 2013


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