Poll results display huge support for rewilding in the Eastern Carpathians

May 24, 2013

As rewilding is gaining momentum, it is interesting to see how people feel towards it. Wolf NGO, our partner in the Eastern Carpathians rewilding area, have conducted two polls in cooperation with the FOCUS agency, to find out people’s attitudes towards creating large wilderness areas.

The first poll was held in in the Slovakia´s districts of Snina and Humenne and in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship of Poland – both buffer zones of the Eastern Carpathians rewilding area. The second one was a representative nation-wide poll, including entire Slovakia.

Respondents were introduced to the idea of rewilding in the region and creation of large wilderness areas, pointing out the benefits (more wilderness, tactful tourism, plants and animals in their natural habitats) as well as restrictions (hunting, logging, motor vehicle access).

In general, people were very positive about such areas – they considered it important, agreed to the creation of the local rewilding area, considered them beneficial to the economy and approved wild animal releases.

The detailed results by each poll question can be seen in the charts below.

Eastern Carpathians poll 01
Eastern Carpathians poll 02
Eastern Carpathians poll 03
Eastern Carpathians poll 04

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