New exciting partnership: Conservation Capital

May 11, 2011

Rewilding Europe is pleased to announce the formation of an exciting partnership with Conservation Capital, a unique conservation organisation which focuses exclusively on linking private sector business and investment finance with global biodiversity conservation.

Conservation Capital has raised and structured over 200 million Euros of private investment finance for conservation-based businesses across a diverse range of industry sectors.  Their team consists of business people, lawyers, accountants and conservation managers who together have pioneered a range of conservation business development techniques and are leading the creation of some of the world’s first conservation business investment funds.

Conservation Capital will partner Rewilding Europe in working towards a new nature-based economy in key areas of rural Europe where declining forms of economic activity (primarily agriculture) will be replaced with new wildlife and wilderness-based businesses.

The first stage of this process will be to identify and establish linking mechanisms between conservation areas and business in the Rewilding Europe project areas.  This might include, where appropriate, the creation of community conservancies and wilderness areas whereby revenue from conservation-based businesses such as wildlife tourism will help finance the protection of such areas.

Conservation Capital will work with the Rewilding Europe project teams to identify, develop and finance the creation and growth of conservation-based businesses in the Rewilding Europe project areas.  Discussions have been initiated with a leading European financial institution with a view to establishing a dedicated investment fund for business in the Rewilding Europe project areas and perhaps beyond.

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