Laurentien van Oranje-Nassau and Dr. Claude Martin become Special Advisors of Rewilding Europe

November 7, 2011

We are very proud to announce that Laurentien van Oranje-Nassau (the Netherlands) and Dr. Claude Martin (Switzerland) have become Special Advisors for Rewilding Europe. Both are the first members of a small and dedicated team of Special Advisors that Rewilding Europe is establishing.

Special Advisors will have a specific role in supporting Rewilding Europe based on their skills, expertise, reputation and networks and will provide support to the Executive Team. They have no formal role in relation to the Supervisory Board, which is expected to be in place by early 2012.

Laurentien van Oranje-Nassau has a broad view on conservation issues, given her experience in EU policy-making on climate change, conservation in Africa and strategic communications. She has already been instrumental to Rewilding Europe by facilitating the launch of our initiative on 18 November 2010 in Brussels. She is fascinated by our vision, mission and approach and will provide support on the positioning of Rewilding Europe, assist us with partnership building and strategy development, facilitate gatherings and identify opportunities for strengthening our initiative.

Dr. Claude Martin has been the Director General of WWF International from 1993 to 2005. During his term WWF developed into the world’s largest conservation organisation active in about 100 countries, and with over 4500 staff. Claude Martin pioneered many new approaches in international conservation. With his wealth of experience and extensive network, Dr. Claude Martin will advise the Rewilding Europe team on conservation subjects and will assist in building relationships with potential partners relevant to Rewilding Europe, in particular in Switzerland.

The Rewilding Europe team warmly welcomes these two Special Advisors and we look forward to work with them.

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