Five European bison released in Vanatori-Neamt Nature Park in Romania

April 5, 2013

Five European bisons were released in Vanatori-Neamt Nature Park, which is the beginning of the reintroduction of the species in the Carpathian Mountains.

The first group of five bisons was released by the park administration back in March 2012.

The released animals are aged between 3 and 7. They have been raised in zoos in Western Europe. The species are monitored by radio collars to obtain data on their new habitats, movements and preferences for refuge. Monitoring of the animals released last year showed that they explored a forest area of about 2,000 ha.

Almost 200 years after the European bison disappeared from the Carpathians the first two births at large took place, indicating that the species are adapting well to the environmental conditions of Vanatori-Neamt Nature Park. Meanwhile, the animals are provided with food through special facilities before they find their own way. Experts say that a population of 2025 bisons must be reintroduced to prove the project viable.


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