European Young Rewilders joins leading environmental youth network

August 1, 2023

The European Young Rewilders has just been admitted into Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) – the largest independent European network of environmental youth organisations. Membership will help the EYR reach out to, inspire and empower more young people and organisations as they take their own rewilding journey.

The latest YEE General Assembly, held in Prague, saw the European Young Rewilders accepted as a member organisation.
Arina Bachynska


Scaling up rewilding

Young people are the future of rewilding. By inspiring and enabling them, Rewilding Europe’s European Young Rewilders (EYR)┬áinitiative – which began life in 2022 – is working to accelerate nature recovery and support the burgeoning growth of the rewilding movement. It’s great news, therefore, that the EYR has just been unanimously accepted as a member organisation of Youth and Environment Europe, the largest independent European network of environmental youth organisations. The decision was made at the YEE General Assembly, held in Prague on July 8 and 9.

“The fact that we have been admitted is really exciting because it means more young Europeans will now have an opportunity to learn about rewilding and engage in meaningful partnerships,” says Giulia Testa, Coordinator of the European Young Rewilders. “Given the pan-European focus of the European Young Rewilders, I believe we can effectively support YEE and its member organisations when it comes to rewilding and nature restoration, especially after the welcome passing of the EU Nature Restoration Law earlier this month.”


European Young Rewilders coordinator Giulia Testa participates in the YEE assembly.
Arina Bachynska


Creating synergies

YEE currently comprises 48 member organisations from 25 European countries – from Western Europe to the Caucasus. It organises, facilitates and supports projects and campaigns aiming to increase the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the environment and awareness of climate issues among young people in Europe.

As a YEE member organisation, the European Young Rewilders network is now well placed to empower even more young people as they embark on their own rewilding journey, providing them with inspiration and information, as well as practical tools and solutions.

“The European Young Rewilders shares the views and mission of YEE, so I am really looking forward to seeing where synergies can be created and making the most of opportunities to scale up rewilding,” says Testa. “We are standing by to help any young person or youth organisation that wants to learn more about the wide-ranging benefits of rewilding for both nature and people, and to engage in rewilding on the ground.”


YEE membership will help the European Young Rewilders engage, inspire and empower more young people and organisations as they take their own rewilding journey.


A productive partnership

Stephanny Ulivieri, YEE’s outgoing Member Organisations Officer, is also keen to see how the European Young Rewilders and YEE can work together.

“The European Young Rewilders network has a unique take on youth engagement and boasts a wealth of expertise on rewilding and solutions at the intersection between nature recovery and climate,” says Ulivieri. “This new membership is therefore a great addition for us and all our members, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what this developing relationship will bring.”

This is not the first time that the European Young Rewilders and YEE have collaborated. Both organisations played an active role in the youth advocacy project on the Nature Restoration Law, which created the first common youth position on the law ahead of its proposal. Those overseeing the project have just released a joint statement following the plenary vote on the law in the EU Parliament.

Youth and Environment Europe is active at the European and EU level to amplify the voices of young people regarding a wide range of subjects, including biodiversity. With nature restoration now such a priority, the European Young Rewilders are ready and eager to promote rewilding as one of the best solutions to many of society’s most pressing challenges, including biodiversity decline and climate change.


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