Berlin’s Washingtonplatz adorned with Europe’s crown jewels

May 27, 2012

The acclaimed outdoor exhibition “Wild Wonders of Europe” showcases Europe’s natural heritage in a breathtaking display of life-size images by 69 of the continent’s top photographers.

The brand new outdoor photo exhibition was officially opened on May 22. After The Hague, Prague and Copenhagen, this is the fourth exhibition that is taking place in major cities in Europe.

Rewilding Europe plays a central role in the exhibition as one of the inititative’s main partners. The outdoor exhibitions are an important tool to reach out to many millions of Europeans about the natural heritage of Europe, and create support for more wilderness, wild areas and wildlife in Europe.  The topic of rewilding and land abandonment is brought to the fore, placing this new concept in people’s minds.

The exhibition showcases 100 impressive, life size photos from all 48 European countries, revealing the stunning natural treasures of our continent – the unseen, unexpected and unforgettable wildlife and wild places that most of us don’t even know exist.

The photos have been taken by 69 of Europe’s finest nature and wildlife photographers sent on assignment by Wild Wonders of Europe over a period of fifteen months, bringing striking emotional power to the exhibition. The pictures reveal the natural wonders that we are at risk of losing, and show that conservation works, we just need more of it.

Supported by The Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, the exhibition will form a central part of Germany’s official UN Decade of Biodiversity celebrations. The exhibition remains on display in front of Europe’s largest central station Hauptbahnhof until July 27, 2012 with free entry day and night.

Wild Wonders of Europe is the world’s largest nature conservation photography initiative. This unique pan-European initiative is a celebration of the joy of the wild and of our common European natural heritage.

Rewilding Europe is working with Wild Wonders of Europe to have outdoor exhibitions in major cities of the rewilding countries in the coming years. The first one will be opened in Madrid later this year.

Please invite your friends and colleagues to visit this landmark exhibition in Berlin – it looks particularly impressive at night. Visitors to the exhibition can also support The Rewilding Europe Foundation by SMS donations.

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