A warm welcome to new team members!

May 25, 2012

To meet the challenges and opportunities, we have extended our central team with a number of key positions, most of them to assist at the operational level and to support the rewilding projects.

Our brand new communications manager is Kristjan Kaljund from Estonia, who will be responsible for all the hands on communication work: website, social media, newsletters, photo database, support to communication plans of rewilding areas, and much more. He will be liaising very closely with all the communications staff in the areas, and will be reporting to Staffan Widstrand.

A position for a rewilding manager has been taken by Deli Saavedra from Spain. Deli will be responsible for all the rewilding project management at the central level, including contract, reporting, supporting rewilding activities etc. Together with Magnus Sylvén and Wouter Helmer he is part of the rewilding team and will work closely with the rewilding area managers and field officers.

Matthew McLuckie from the UK is the new business development manager, who will work with and report to Neil Birnie on the enterprise development support to the projects.

Last but not least we have Peter de Groot on board, who (as a volunteer) will assist with Planning, Strategy and Philanthropy and will report to Frans Schepers.

With these new team members we are convinced we will be able to provide even more dedicated support to the rewilding areas and meet the challenges and opportunities in the coming years.

Our central team is is not really “central”, as different team members are scattered in seven countries all over Europe. It is exciting to have a truly European team and work across so many borders. Naturally, this also requires structured and intense communication and regular physical meetings to ensure we can be most efficient in our initiative.

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