Wildlife and friendship and happiness and what more?

July 2, 2013

It’s such a joy to see your kindreds succeed and walk their talk! Some months ago, when I met Cristian Ilea, he was talking about the storks and the live video stream and the difficulties of such an enterprise and… and I, for one, was vaguely tired of big words and shiny futures of never happening ideas.

I just nodded with a smile and wished him good luck. We had other big things to settle: he’s going to work with us in promoting the Southern Carpathians rewilding areas and this is big work, folks!

And today, in his always discreet and fine way of presenting himself, Cristian shortly shares a link on Facebook, with two or three words about happiness. That’s how we found out that the live video stream is on and alive and even kicking!

It shows you one of the oldest White Stork (Ciconia ciconianests in Romania. Located in the village of Carani, in the western part of Romania and very close to the areas of Rewilding Romania in the Southern Carpathians, it has been inhabited since 1950.

At one point you may get sleepy or even bored with the neat, plain ways of the storks. No breaking news, no subtitles, no elaborated soundtrack. And it takes so long for them to clean their feathers. And they’re so thorough. And they so don’t move and fuss. So you just minimize the window, leave the volume on and go back to your doings, fuss and news. You’ll just hear on some chirping and some chitter and chatter and chirrup and… some happiness and that’s all. Is it, folks?

Watch the live video stream here: http://www.wildliferomania.com/. This is the first camera operated by Wildlife Romania, a Camera 4 Timisoara project and the brainchild of Cristian Ilea. Hurray!

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