Sweden Rewilding Officer

Vacancy (full time)

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Sweden Rewilding Officer

Vacancy (full time)

Do you have a lust for the wild and are you eager to drive rewilding forward in Sweden?
We are looking for a Rewilding Officer for Rewilding Sweden.

Rewilding Sweden

Rewilding Sweden is a Foundation with the mission to make Sweden a wilder place and restore nature, mainly in the northern parts of the country, Swedish Lapland. Rewilding Europe and Rewilding Sweden work in close collaboration to deliver the vision, mission and objectives of Rewilding Sweden.

The Rewilding Sweden Team Leader, who will be the statutory director of the organisation, plays a key role in delivering Rewilding Europe’s Strategy for 2030 and will work closely with Rewilding Europe’s Central team to help achieve this. Priority lines of work currently include river and peatland restoration, forest rewilding and the development of naturebased business models, mostly in Norrbotten and Västerbotten counties, with a variety of public and private donors and numerous local partners.



The Rewilding Officer’s main role is to oversee the implementation of Rewilding Swedens rewilding activities from a technical as well as administrative and financial point of view. This is critical to the efficient and proper management of donorfunded activities as well as achieving the overall objectives and intended impacts of Rewilding Sweden in Laplands extensive forest landscapes.

The officers scope of work will be focused on restoring forest landscapes, including peatland, wetlands and rivers, and their wildlife. Environmental education and outreach activities will also be important.

Job description and qualifications

We are looking for a motivated professional with at least 3 years of working experience in biodiversity conservation & management, sustainable forest management, wildlife management or ecological restoration. You have good knowledge of Swedish Lapland and its ecosystems, field experience, a lust for the wild and a keen interest in wildlife and field ecology. You have a working knowledge of GIS, an interest in working with a wide range of stakeholders and welldeveloped contacts with local experts, relevant public authorities and the tourism sector.

If you think you have the right passion, background, experience and skills, we invite you to download the full job description for Rewilding Sweden’s Rewilding Officer position.

Read the full job description

How to apply

We invite those interested in this position to submit a motivational letter and CV to info@rewilding-sweden.com before May 30th 2022. For any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Karin Åström at +46 (0)73 584 00 17.


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