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Juan Carlos Muñoz Robredo / Rewilding Europe


Rewriting Extinction

Rewriting Extinction is a collective of artists, writers and activists that want to protect and restore ecosystems stop and reverse the biodiversity decline. Together they have created an anthology book “The Most Important Comic Book on Earth“. The publication is part of a huge online campaign, during which new comics will be launched online every week.

With their campaign Rewilding Extinction supports charities working on nature recovery. Rewilding Europe is proud to be one of the partners in this campaigns, joining forces with Greenpeace, World Land Trust, Born Free, Reserva, Re:wild and The Wildlife Trusts.

Rewilding Extinction

“We believe our plan represents the single biggest and best chance we have to reverse the extinction of species across the planet. We aren’t focusing on the pretty species, or individual animals… we are rebuilding the ecosystems they live in, thus protecting hundreds, maybe even thousands, of species, forever. By protecting and restoring the ecosystem and food chains they live in, we allow them to flourish without human intervention, and they can then rebuild and undo the damage humankind has done.”


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