Rewilding Apennines is organising a seminar on rewilding economy, from 1st to 4th of October 2020, in Pettorano sul Gizio (L’Aquila, Abruzzo, IT), the very first Italian Bear Smart Community created in 2015.

We are looking for motivated entrepreneurs who are eager to attend a new kind of seminar, which is designed to offer a dynamic learning experience by highlighting the interdisciplinary approach that shapes the rewilding economy. All participants will be involved in a four days programme with talks, presentations, interviews, nature-based activities and workshops. They will learn about mixed farming practices, sustainable architecture and eco-design, environmental philosophy, ethnobotany, responsible tourism and of course they will learn what rewilding means in the context of Central Apennines. A new and inspiring opportunity to grow the quality of their own nature-based business.

The goal is to raise awareness on rewilding practices as an alternative to the current mainstream economic paradigm and to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs.

If you would like to participate please contact Rewilding Apennines:

Here you can download the information materials (in Italian):

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