Tregor’s Wildlife Reserve

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  • Start year:
  • Location:
    Ploubezre (22300), Brittany, France
  • Size (ha):
  • Area Type:
  • Type of protection:
    Level 1b of the classification established by the International Union for Nature Conservation

Tregor’s Wildlife Reserve is located in the Leguer’s Valley, a coastal river of Brittany that recovered its ecological continuity after the Kernansquillec flood barrier was destroyed in 1996. It is the 2nd reserve in France where nature is free from human interventions like fishing, hunting.

Tregor - Leguer River


  • Keystone species present: Otter, salmon, sea lamprey
  • Vegetation types present: Hardwoods (Tilia platyphilos, Fagus sylvatica, Quercus patrea, Acer pseudoplatanus, Fraxinus excelsior)


  • Description: The Leguer is 58 kilometers long and has become one of the most beautiful salmon and other migratory fish rivers in Brittany. The reserve incorporates a very rich section of this river where the otter is present. It also includes sixty hectares of hardwood forest that has not been operated for more than 50 years. In consequence, this forest is a privileged environment for lignicolous mushrooms and saproxylic insects. The forest is filled by woodpeckers, nuthatches and tits.
  • Aim: The Tregor Wildlife Reserve meets the requirements of the highest level of sites protection established by the International Union for Nature Conservation (level 1b). It is one of the first sites in France where this level is achieved, in the aim of creating real wildlife sanctuaries.
  • Vision: ASPAS is setting up a network of reserves that apply a real level of protection. Salmon and see lamprey populations have notably increased since the Kernansquillec dam was destroyed. In the near future, another small dam upriver will be destroyed that will make this waterway even more dynamic.
  • Uniqueness: The forest has not been operated for at least five decades; as a result, it is an environmental pearl in Brittany. The reserve gives way for free evolution to become a perpetual process. The Leguer is one of the first French rivers where a flood barrier has been destroyed for ecological purposes.
  • Results so far: Since the creation of the wildlife reserve took place in April 2014, it is too soon to draw a conclusion or to put nature evolutions into perspective.
  • Flagship species: Otter
  • Other characteristics: Research


  • Inspirational value: Our initiative fills in the gaps in French protected areas that are free from hunting, fishing and free from any other human impacts. We intend to create a network of fully protected areas. The label “Réserve de Vie Sauvage ®” was officially submitted to the French institution “INPI”. Therefore, this label will be granted by ASPAS to other structures or private individuals who agree with our specifications.
  • Experience you would like to share: How to raise enough money to buy real estates and how to organise site surveillance.
  • Experience you would like to gain: The growth of this site and the establishment of a wildlife reserves network with other organisations that share the same vision.
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