Beaver in North Zealand, Denmark

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    North Zealand
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In North Zealand, Denmark the beaver has been reintroduced in the period 2009-2011. 23 beavers are put out in artificial beaver huts, from where they have spread to Lake Arresø and surroundings.

Beaver in North Zealand


  • Habitat types: Natural hydrology in the forests
  • Keystone species present: Beaver
  • Fauna species reintroduced: Beaver
  • Vegetation types present: Wetlands, meadows, forests


  • Description: The reason for releasing beavers in North Zealand is primarily to re-introduce a key species. The beaver's way of life brings dynamics and variation to nature through activities such as tree felling and the natural alteration of watercourses. This also helps provide habitat for many other groups of flora and fauna. At the same time people get the opportunity of seeing these exciting creatures in their natural surroundings.
  • Aim: The goal to reintroduce the beaver is to have a key species which creates dynamics in the landscape.
  • Vision: Working towards greater biodiversity in North Zealand and a viable population of beavers being present.
  • Accomplished in 10 years from now: That the beaver reintroduction has been a succes and that there are more than 150 beavers in the area in 2024.
  • Results so far: There has been registration of the beavers twice a year.
  • Flagship species: Beaver
  • Other characteristics: Research


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