Financial statements

Notes to the consolidated financial statements


The registered and actual adress of Stichting Rewilding Europe is Toernooiveld 1, 6525 ED in Nijmegen the Netherlands.

Stichting Rewilding Europe is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 53036123.


The objective of Stichting Rewilding Europe include the promoting or restoring and expanding wildlife and wildlife in Europe in particular, but not exclusively, in collaboration with local organizations, as well as promoting nature and andscape development, based on natural processes and serving the society.

Stichting Rewilding Europe is a non-profit making organisation.

Consolidation principles

The consolidated financial statements comprise Stichting Rewilding Europe and the subsidiaries over which Stichting Rewilding Europe exercises control. The financial statements of the parent and its subsidiaries are combined on a line by line basis. Intercompany transactions and intercompany balances have been eliminated.

The consolidated financial statements comprise the financial statements of:

  • Stichting Rewilding Europe, registered in Nijmegen, The Netherlands (100%);
  • Rewilding Europe B.V., registered in Nijmegen, The Netherlands (100%), a direct interest.
  • Rewilding Europe Capital B.V., registered in Nijmegen, The Netherlands (100%), held by Rewilding Europe B.V.
  • Rewilding Europe d.o.o, registered in Senj, Croatia (100%), held by Rewilding Europe B.V.
  • Lagosta d.o.o, registered in Brusane, Croatia (100%), held by Rewilding Europe d.o.o

For purposes of alignment with the financial statements of the Dutch entities, all European Wildlife Bank animals purchased in Croatia since 2014 have been expensed in the year of purchase, as these animals do not represent assets controlled by Rewilding Europe.

Currency translation

Assets and liabilities denominated in foreign currencies are translated at the rate of exchange at the reporting date. Income and expenses denominated in foreign currencies are translated at the exchange rates ruling in the corresponding transaction dates. Any resulting exchange differencies are recognized in the income statement.

General accounting principles

The financial statements are drawn up in accordance with the provisions of Title 9, Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code and in compliance with Dutch Accounting Standards, as published by the Dutch Accounting Standards Board (‘Raad voor de Jaarverslaggeving’).

Remuneration of Directors

The remuneration for both the executive directors complies with the Guideline for Remuneration of Charity Directors of the Platform Goede Doelen Nederland. This guideline provides compensation bandwidth figures, based on a number of specific criteria, such as organisation size, complexity and the governance model. Based on the current guidelines, Rewilding Europe calculated the BSD score at 410 Points. Given the fact that Rewilding Europe has two directors, it applied a reduction of 13%, 357 points for the managing director (and 328 Points for the second director). Consequently, the annual income ceiling amounts to € 97,871 and € 86,578 respectively.

The total amount paid out is € 108,008 for both directors. No director received more than the maximum annual income.

This amount excludes: the pension premium of € 15,583, employer’s share of social security premiums of € 13,379 and a fixed cost compensation of € 2,983.

The directors are employed by Rewilding Europe, the total FTE in 2019 is 1.18.

The members of the Supervisory Board do not receive any remuneration for the activities carried out.


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