Communication partners

Gesellschaft für Naturfotografie

GDT is the German association for wildlife and nature photography, with a strong international network and more than 50 years experience in authentic, aesthetic and documentary photography. It is committed to photography that embraces authenticity, true conservation and artistic quality to the same degree.

Every year the GDT organizes the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (EWPY) competition, open to all professional and non-professinal photographers resident in Europe and GDT members. It is recognized as one of the most renowned competitions for nature photography in Europe.

Off The Fence Productions

Off the Fence Productions is an award-winning producer of factual television and digital cinema content, which is broadcast worldwide. It is an independent production and distribution company producing outstanding non-fiction programming for the international market from our network of global offices.

Off The Fence has created almost 400 hours of television content for a wide range of international broadcasters including History Channel, MTV, BBC, Channel 4, MSNBC, PBS, National Geographic Channel, Discovery and The Weather Channel.

Rewilding Europe co-produced the 6-part TV series ‘Europe’s New Wild’ and feature length documentary on the rewilding of Europe, which premiered in 2020.


The first interactive video-on-demand platform dedicated to the Planet, was launched in 2020. It is built on three primary pillars: Watch, Connect, Take Action. WaterBear’s mission is to educate and help people, companies and NGOs across the world to take action and improve our future by participating in local and global science, education and environmental initiatives.

The WaterBear Network fills a gap between TV Networks and their audiences. It works with global broadcasters to produce and distribute high-quality films and programmes on a range of environmental issues relating to the future of the planet. The premium content offered by the WaterBear Network has vast reserves of information on critical environmental concerns, facts and solutions.

Ads & Impact

Online performance marketing agency that helps organisations grow by running and optimizing smart online marketing campaigns. Their main expertise is on strategy development, search engine marketing and social media advertising. With an entrepreneurial mindset Ads & Impact is working with 7 performance marketing specialists for over 60 companies and organisations.

For Rewilding Europe, Ads & Impact is managing the allocated Google Ad Grants programme. With these efforts, Rewilding Europe is able to stand out in the Google search results on relevant search queries. A great help in strengthening our online visibility and outreach on rewilding topics.

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