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Rewilding Europe Travel

Rewilding Europe Travel specialises in nature-based experiential travel in Europe. It offers top-quality authentic nature and wildlife experiences, in combination with Europe’s rich and authentic culture, and allows people to give back to nature just by travelling.


Patagonia is an American outdoor clothing and gear company. Patagonia gives 1% of its annual sales to support environmental organisations around the world. The company has donated $89 million towards environmental work since it started its grants programme in 1985. In 2018, Rewilding Europe received an $8000 grant, which was awarded by the  Patagonia Grants Council. The grant is used for restoration of ponds in the Velebit rewilding area in Croatia. These are a vital resource for increasing local wildlife populations, especially in the dry summer months, until greater connectivity has been established between drier parts of the Croatian mountain range and natural freshwater sources.


At Life-Line we want to improve people’s health through exercise. We also want to connect nature, people and animals through that exercise, and in doing so promote understanding and respect. Our clothing collections provide comfort and protection in all weathers and seasons, encouraging our wearers to enjoy the great outdoors.

Life-Line works together with BSCI, a social auditing organisation that promotes fair working conditions. In this way, Life-Line products contribute to a better future for local people in the countries where we manufacture our products. We also work with all our partners to minimise our environmental footprint.

Life-Line and Rewilding Europe both share a passion for wilder nature and exploring opportunities to connect with it.

Cabin Anna

In an increasingly urban world, the challenge to allow nature into our daily lives is ever-increasing. With the construction of buildings, Cabin Anna created comfort and safety, but also a distance to our natural environment and wellbeing.

With Cabin ANNA, inside becomes outside again. Cabin ANNA inspires you through nature. It’s a magical feeling to wake up with the morning melodies of the birds next to you, to feel a breeze gusting through the dining area or even to sleep under the open sky.


Skua Nature Group

Skua Nature Group is a global initiative dedicated to promoting sustainable wildlife tourism. As part of their mission they have set up Skua Wild, a business activity dedicated to the management of nature reserves and photo hides. Their goal is to promote sustainable ecotourism to support the conservation of threatened ecosystems.

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