Corporate partners

Clifford Chance

As of May 2015, Rewilding Europe has started a corporate partnership with Clifford Chance LLP on legal aspects of its work across Europe. Clifford Chance LLP is one of the world’s pre-eminent law firms with significant depth and range of resources across five continents. It prides itself on an outstanding pro bono and community outreach programme that enables everyone in the firm to engage enthusiastically and which delivers effective assistance to chosen charitable and not-for-profit partners.

Advising Rewilding Europe requires Clifford Chance to utilise a number of its offices in Europe, in multiple areas of expertise, in order to provide dynamic, effective and seamless legal advice to a pan-European not-for-profit client. The opportunity to give this advice also provides the firm’s employees with a unique chance to apply their legal skills and experience to assist with the conservation of nature.

Toyota Fund for Europe

Toyota Fund for Europe has provided Rewilding Europe with funding for working in the Southern Carpathians and Velebit rewilding areas.

The Toyota Fund for Europe operates at a pan-European level and supports projects across a number of different European countries or regions. The focus is in fields where Toyota can join forces with stakeholders to tackle issues using its best competence: environment, road safety and technical education. Toyota is very aware that tackling environmental issues related to its products is not enough to solve today’s wider environmental issues. Therefore, Toyota also focuses its sustainability efforts with contributions to local communities.

By contributing to Rewilding Europe’s activities in these two areas, Toyota Fund for Europe supports in particular the release of more European bison in the Southern Carpathians in Romania, as well as further extension of natural grazing and wildlife populations in the Velebit Mountain in Croatia. In both cases, there is a strong link with local communities benefiting from rewilding.

Toyota Fund for Europe financial support covers a one-year period (2015–2016) and will mainly be used for mobility in support of the extensive fieldwork in both rewilding areas.

European Safari Company

European Safari Company specialises in nature-based experiential travel in Europe. In partnership with Rewilding Europe  in became operational from end 2016. It offers top quality authentic nature and wildlife experiences, in combination with Europe’s rich and authentic culture, and allows people to give back to nature just by travelling.  The European Safari Company is a nature travel company where travellers contribute to rewilding and nature conservation. Rewilding Europe has developed the concept of the European Safari Company as part of its enterprise work, in close connection with its rewilding activities across Europe. After supporting its incubation, the European Safari Company will stand on its own feet as a separate business entity, also broadening its scope to the entire European nature-based tourism landscape. European Safari Company will also raise further awareness about wild nature in Europe and will benefit the comeback of wildlife through enhancing the relationship between wilder nature, wildlife and people.


Patagonia is an American outdoor clothing and gear company. Patagonia gives 1% of its annual sales to support environmental organisations around the world. The company has donated $89 million towards environmental work since it started its grants programme in 1985. In 2018, Rewilding Europe received an $8000 grant, which was awarded by the  Patagonia Grants Council. The grant is used for restoration of ponds in the Velebit rewilding area in Croatia. These are a vital resource for increasing local wildlife populations, especially in the dry summer months, until greater connectivity has been established between drier parts of the Croatian mountain range and natural freshwater sources.

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