Communication partners

National Geographic

With support from the Dutch Postcode Lottery, in 2017 Rewilding Europe worked with National Geographic Channel in the Netherlands on a TV programme (called ‘Door het Oog van…’) together with Humberto Tan, who visited Velebit Mountains (Croatia) and Central Apennines (Italy).

Since 2018, National Geographic International (based in Washington) is a co-production partner and financier of ‘Europe’s New Wild’, a six-part TV series that was produced in 2017-2019 and that will be broadcast globally from September 2020 onwards through NatGeo Wild channel, in 160 countries and in 45 different languages. In the Netherlands, we have worked with National Geographic to produce a Dutch version that will be broadcast on the Dutch National Geographic channel.

Off The Fence Productions

Off the Fence Productions is an award-winning producer of factual television and digital cinema content, which is broadcast worldwide. It is an independent production and distribution company producing outstanding non-fiction programming for the international market from our network of global offices.

Off The Fence has created almost 400 hours of television content for a wide range of international broadcasters including History Channel, MTV, BBC, Channel 4, MSNBC, PBS, National Geographic Channel, Discovery and The Weather Channel.

Their films aim to give a fresh perspective and high production values across a range of genres that include: science, history, adventure, human stories, and natural history.

The creative team have been recognised by more than 80 awards, including Royal Television Society, Emmy, Golden Panda and Grand Teton.

Off the Fence Productions ranked number 5 in the Top 30 True Indies in the 2014 Broadcast Indie Survey, and took the number 1 position in the top producers of ‘Popular Factual’, as well as at 14 in the True Indies of Televisual’s 2013 Production 100 Survey.

Rewilding Europe signed a co-development agreement in 2016 for the production of a 6-part TV series and feature length documentary on the rewilding of Europe. In September 2017, this was followed-up by the signing of a co-production agreement to allow for starting producing the TV series, which will be released at the end of 2019.

Bonne Pioche

French company Bonne Pioche, led by Yves Darondeau and Emmanuel Priou, is an independent group specialised in production and distribution. Its activities range from TV productions (documentary series and premium documentaries) to feature film production and from music to documentary distribution in France and abroad.

Bonne Pioche strives to surprise the public with original and innovative stories where the emotions and audacity of programmes propel them into extraordinary realms.

In May 2019, Franco-German TV network ARTE broadcasted the first-ever documentary about European rewilding across France and Germany. Titled “L’Europe à la reconquête de la biodiversité” (“Europe reclaims biodiversity”), this fascinating and dramatic production provides a comprehensive overview of rewilding, with significant coverage of Rewilding Europe’s work.

In 2020, Bonne Pioche and Rewilding Europe became partners in co-producing a French version of ‘Europe’s New Wild’ for France5 Télévision, to be broadcast in autumn.


The first interactive video-on-demand platform dedicated to the Planet, launching in 2020. It is is built on three primary pillars: Watch, Connect, Take Action. WaterBear’s mission is to educate and help people, companies and NGOs across the world to take action and improve our future by participating in local and global science, education and environmental initiatives.

The WaterBear Network will fill a gap between TV Networks and their audiences. It will work with global broadcasters to produce and distribute high-quality films and programmes on a range of environmental issues relating to the future of the planet. The premium content offered by the WaterBear Network will have vast reserves of information on critical environmental concerns, facts and solutions.

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