Our commitment

Making a positive change

Our commitment

Making a positive change

At Rewilding Europe we firmly believe that we have a responsibility to shape a sustainable and wilder future for our continent. We embrace a holistic approach that cares for people, fosters a net positive impact on climate, and collaborates respectfully with local teams and numerous partners. By taking ownership of our impact and actively working towards a better world, we aim to lead the way in positive change.

Our dedication

Nature positive

Rewilding Europe commits to the global goal of halting and reversing nature loss by 2030 and with full recovery by 2050. At the heart of our mission lies a profound dedication to restoring and revitalizing ecosystems. With our local partners, we aim to make our vision a reality. Our mission is to demonstrate the benefits of wilder nature through the rewilding of diverse European landscapes, inspiring and enabling others to engage in rewilding by providing tools and practical expertise.

Carbon & climate

In addition to offsetting our carbon, we have set targets on reducing our emissions, applying a conscientious travel policy and encouraging eco-friendly travel choices. Eliminating our carbon emissions alone, won’t be enough. Addressing climate change requires substantial carbon removal, which can be done with nature’s help. When rewetted, peatlands transition from being carbon sources to carbon sinks. Also, the restoration of wildlife populations can play a game-changing role in stabilising our climate. Nature is our ally in fighting climate change.

Good governance

At Rewilding Europe, we take corporate responsibility seriously. We believe in transparency and good governance. Our commitment to integrity is reflected in our policies, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism through our code of conduct. We maintain a zero-tolerance stand towards fraud, corruption and inappropriate behaviour. Read more on our Public Disclosures page.

Corporate engagement

Recognizing the vital role that the corporate sector can play in advancing nature recovery, we actively seek partnerships with forward-thinking businesses. Through these collaborations and the establishment of Principles of Corporate Engagement, we aim to unlock powerful synergies that benefit both nature and society, fostering positive change and a lasting impact for generations to come.

Diversity and inclusivity

We embrace diversity within our organisation. Our team represents a mosaic of nationalities and cultures, bringing about a rich tapestry of perspectives and experiences. We actively strive to ensure that our employees are a reflection of society and the international character of our organisation, including age and gender diversity. We acknowledge the ongoing need to enhance inclusivity in every aspect and are committed to fostering an all-embracing culture through learning and taking action.

Respectful collaborations

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach. We engage respectfully with local teams, partners, and stakeholders, recognising that together we can achieve more. By fostering cooperation, we build lasting relationships that contribute to the well-being of nature and society.


Our actions prioritize the well-being of individuals, both within our organisation and the communities we operate with. This involves creating a positive and supportive work environment for our team members and respecting the rights and culture of local communities.

Empowering young generation

Young people are the future of rewilding. Through the European Young Rewilders network we actively engage and empower new generations to become influential players in the rewilding movement, driving it forward with passion and commitment.

Rewilding Principles

In 2019, Rewilding Europe convened a meeting of leading rewilding practitioners from across Europe. Together we co-formulated a set of rewilding principles that act as a powerful tool for leaders in the rewilding movement. They provide a shared vision and guide rewilding efforts across Europe, fostering a unified and impactful approach. The principles not only characterize rewilding but also inspire collective action and communication, playing a vital role in scaling up efforts to restore and preserve nature.

Our core values


We take bold steps to lead the way in rewilding and conservation. Through innovation and trailblazing initiatives, we push boundaries and set new standards for ecological restoration.


We embrace creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit to find practical solutions to complex environmental challenges. Our ability to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world defines our success.


We inspire change by setting an example. Our actions motivate others to join the cause and become champions of conservation.


We empower individuals and communities to take ownership of their environments. By providing resources, knowledge, and opportunities, we enable others to become stewards of nature.


Practicality is key to achieving our goals. We focus on tangible actions that produce real-world results, ensuring that our efforts translate into positive impact.


Our optimism fuels our determination. We believe in the potential for positive change and approach challenges with a hopeful outlook.


We are unwavering in our commitment to rewilding and conservation. Our dedication to our mission drives us forward, even in the face of adversity.

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