Rewilding Europe welcomes new team members

August 20, 2013

Rewilding Europe is excited to introduce new team members who have recently joined our initiative, both in the central team and in the rewilding areas.

In the central team, we have assigned four new part-time members. Firstly, Ilko Bosman (Netherlands) has become our Director Finance and Operations. A registered accountant, Ilko has a strong experience in both the financial and business sectors and will help with building up the Rewilding Europe organisation. He will mainly be responsible for all financial planning and reporting, contract management, operations, fundraising and setting up the limited company, Rewilding Europe Ltd.

We are also thrilled that Iva Tontcheva (Bulgaria) has joined the communication team. Iva has extensive experience from her work in Bulgaria, among others through the ARK-project ‘New Thracian Gold’. Iva is responsible for internal and external communication of Rewilding Europe, focusing on website, social media, seminars, and liaising all central communication work with the rewilding areas and vice versa.

Yvonne Kemp (Netherlands) has joined the rewilding team within the framework of the renewed partnership between ARK Nature and Rewilding Europe that was recently signed. Yvonne is an ecologist and has experience in rewilding work in The Netherlands; she is responsible for setting up theEuropean Rewilding Network.

The fourth new person in the central team is Barbara Mayer (Hungary) who has joined the enterprise team. Barbara’s role in Rewilding Europe involves providing administrative support to Rewilding Europe Capital and the enterprise programme, and working with our communications team to further develop the Rewilding Europe Travel Club.

In the rewilding teams, two full time team leaders have been appointed recently. In the Velebit rewilding area, Davor Krmpotić (Croatia) has become the project coordinator. Davor has a background in protected areas and forest management and will be responsible for taking the Velebit rewilding area plans to a next stage. In the Danube Delta rewilding area, Alexandra Panait (Romania) has taken the role of project coordinator. Alexandra has a background as an ecologist and is strongly committed to work in the Delta on the next phase of the rewilding initiative in this area.

With this additional capacity and changes in team composition, we are making important steps in building our initiative. All new colleagues are warmly welcomed on board of Rewilding Europe to help making Europe a wilder place!

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