Rewilding Europe seeks a Forest and Offset Business Developer

July 15, 2019

Nature-based solutions can help Europe overcome some of its most pressing environmental and socio-economic challenges. If you can mobilise the financial sector to develop and apply such solutions, we might have the perfect job for you.

Rewilding Europe needs a Forest and Offset Business Developer


Forest and Offset Business Developer

There is growing evidence that nature can help to provide solutions to modern socio-economic challenges such as flooding, wildfire, climate change and biodiversity loss. Rewilding Europe has taken the lead in the practical application of such natural solutions by developing and applying innovative rewilding models. Such models cover areas such as forest and peatland management, tourism and other sectors that have the potential to deliver beneficial rewilding outcomes and impact.

Over the course of the next decade pressing global problems such as biodiversity loss and climate change will increasingly demand practical solutions. Intensifying our efforts to develop innovative nature-based solutions that can sustain viable business cases, we are now working to mobilise the financial sector in support of rewilding.

While the financial sector is increasingly interested in investing in such natural solutions, the number of investable and impactful European projects is still lacking. To date, Rewilding Europe has initiated the first business cases related to rewilding forests and peatland restoration. As a core function of our initiative, we would like to increase our capacity in these sectors, thereby enhancing our ability to generate further business cases and momentum.


Core functions

The Forest and Offset Business Developer will focus on the development of forest restoration projects in southern European countries (such as Portugal, Spain and Croatia) and peatland restoration projects in northern European countries (such as Finland, Sweden and possibly Scotland). This will be achieved in partnership with local entrepreneurs and business experts.

The Forest and Offset Business Developer shall initiate and develop potential forest and peat-related projects, and act as the point of contact for investees and project developers. This will see a strong project pipeline of investment cases built within the framework of Rewilding Europe Capital (REC), Rewilding Europe’s investment loan facility. Last but not least, he or she will support the development of carbon credits from these projects.


Full job description

Those interested in this position, and who think they have what it takes, are invited to download the full job description of the Forest and Offset Business Developer.



Applications should be sent to no later than August 9, 2019, including a CV and motivational letter. Any questions regarding this position should also be sent to this email address. Interviews will be held from August 19.


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