New Rewilding Europe Travel company to boost nature-based tourism impact

August 2, 2022

Europe’s nature-based tourism market is booming. To connect visitors with Europe’s magnificent wild nature in a sustainable way, increase support for rewilding, and grow local economies, the European Safari Company is transitioning into a new company: Rewilding Europe Travel.

woman overlooking the Central Apennines rewilding landscape
Those who choose a Rewilding Europe Travel experience, travel in the knowledge that they are supporting rewilding, which benefits both nature and the people who live in these landscapes.
Umberto Esposito / Wildlife Adventures


Find your wild

On your next holiday, how would you like to track elusive bison in the Southern Carpathians of Romania? Or watch endangered Marsican bears foraging at twilight in the Central Apennine mountains of Italy? Or maybe get up close to industrious beavers in the majestic Cairngorms of Scotland, while learning more about rewilding in the local landscape?

All these unique experiences and many more are now available to book through Rewilding Europe Travel, which has just launched as an evolution of the European Safari Company. The new company will operate as a separate business entity, but will still collaborate closely with Rewilding Europe.

Those who choose a Rewilding Europe Travel experience, travel in the knowledge that they are supporting rewilding, which benefits both nature and the people who live in these landscapes.

“By holidaying in areas of Europe where rewilding is taking place – areas which are invariably stunning and packed with amazing wildlife, scenery and culture – you are supporting the restoration of nature and helping to create jobs and support rural communities,” says Duncan Grossart, Rewilding Europe Travel’s Managing Director. “I invite everyone with a passion for nature to explore our new website to find their wild.”


Brown bear spotted from a hide in Velebit Moutains
As wildlife returns, the doors are opening to a new world of tourism-related opportunities. The specialized photo expeditions Rewilding Europe Travel has on offer are an example of this, focusing on iconic species such as the brown bear in Velebit Mountains.
Frans Schepers


Scaling up impact

With an ever-growing number of people looking to connect with high-quality nature on their holidays, today Europe’s nature-based tourism sector is booming. The launch of Rewilding Europe Travel aims to leverage and accelerate that growth, building on the significant development of the European Safari Company, which Rewilding Europe has incubated since it was founded in 2016.

“This transition is a step forward in terms of scaling up nature-based tourism and its positive impact on wild nature and local communities, while still preserving and promoting that essential link with rewilding”, explains Timon Rutten, Rewilding Europe’s Head of Enterprise.


View on a local village in Abruzzo, Italy
Scaling up nature-based tourism can add real value to the local economy and have a positive impact on communities.
Nelleke de Weerd


Huge potential

Thanks to the efforts of Rewilding Europe and other rewilding initiatives, Europe’s reputation as a place to witness some of the most captivating wild nature on the planet is on the rise. The reality is, that Europe is wilder than most of us imagine – a place where travellers can enjoy thrilling encounters with species such as the brown bear, European bison, white-tailed eagle, and Eurasian wolf.

The last six years have seen the European Safari Company display significant growth, with an increasing number of experiences now on offer across the majority of rewilding landscapes. Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2021 alone saw the company’s turnover and clientele double. This growth has helped more and more nature-based entrepreneurs find and develop their own businesses, which means more jobs and essential income for rural communities. It has also seen more money fed back into rewilding actions on the ground.

“Considering all the trends, Rewilding Europe Travel has massive growth potential,” says Timon Rutten. “I’m really excited to see how the company takes off over the next few years, and how this creates incentives for local people to start a business, support wildlife comeback and thus creates a support base for rewilding their landscapes.”


Casa Cisterna
The increasing popularity of nature-based tourism offers an incentive for local people to start a business, support wildlife comeback and thus creates a support base for rewilding their landscapes.
Staffan Widstrand


Diverse experiences, curated with care

Rewilding Europe Travel will offer those who want to see rewilding impact with their own eyes two choices – to experience rewilding landscapes in small groups that depart on fixed dates, or to book customisable, private holidays based on existing travel programmes. Regardless of the experience, the emphasis is on connecting with stunning wild nature, learning more about rewilding, and enjoying fantastic local hospitality.

“Our trips are designed to be journeys through vibrant and wild landscapes, experiencing the best nature, culture, history, food and drink that Europe has to offer,” says Duncan Grossart. “They are a celebration of the successes and positivity of rewilding. And above all else, they’re great fun!”

The Rewilding Europe Travel team

Duncan Grossart, Co-Founder & Managing Director
Neil Rogers, Co-Founder & Managing Director
Irene Fernandez Saez, Operations Manager








Impact-led travel

The journeys, walks and photo trips offered by Rewilding Europe Travel are designed to immerse clients in extraordinary natural and cultural landscapes in and around Rewilding Europe’s rewilding landscapes. Following on from the European Safari Company, the emphasis will remain on ensuring such tourism acts as a force for good in landscapes and local economies.

Rewilding Europe Travel experiences will revolve around small group tours – this will not only ensure community experiences remain intimate but minimise transport emissions per client and any negative impact on local wildlife and habitats. The company monitors and minimises its own greenhouse gas emissions, and wherever possible those of its clients – for example, by encouraging guests to travel by train to trip starting points, creating trips that integrate human-powered activities, and reducing carbon emissions per seat in terms of vehicle transport.


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