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February 28, 2017

We are very happy to announce the further extension of the Rewilding Europe Circle with two new members: Mrs Paula Sarmento from Portugal and Mr Ignace Schops from Belgium. They join the Circle, which now counts 11 members that champion and support our initiative in the widest sense possible.

Paula Sarmento, Rewilding Europe Circle member from Portugal.
Paula Sarmento, Rewilding Europe Circle member from Portugal.

Paula Sarmento has a long and relevant professional experience in both the private and public sector in Portugal, in particular in the field of water resources, nature conservation, forest and environmental management and environmental impact assessment. She has a strong business background, having worked in the private sector, but also worked in the Portuguese public administration. Between 2008 and 2011, she was the President of the Alentejo Hydrographic Region Administration, while between 2012 and 2016 she took the position of President of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF), which included the responsible for nature conservation in the country.

Ignace Schops, Rewilding Europe Circle member from Belgium.
Ignace Schops, Rewilding Europe Circle member from Belgium.

Ignace Schops is a Belgian environmentalist and Honorary Doctor at the Hasselt University. Currently he is the director of the Belgian NGO ‘Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland’ (RLKM) and President of EUROPARC federation, the largest network on the natural heritage in Europe, full member of the European chapter of Club of Rome and council member of the largest nature conservation organization in Flanders, Natuurpunt. Ignace Schops was awarded with the Goldman Environmental Prize, better known as the Green Nobel Prize in 2008, for his contributions to the establishment of the Hoge Kempen National Park, the first National Park of Belgium.

You can read their biographies and personal quotes why they have joined the Rewilding Europe Circle here.

About the Rewilding Europe Circle

Rewilding Europe CircleLaunched at the end of 2015, the Rewilding Europe Circle has now been active just over one year. The Rewilding Europe Circle is best described as a group of high profile and respected individuals who share our passion for making Europe a wilder place and are willing to help us make it real. Rewilding Europe Circle members provide support, networks and expertise to help raise the public’s awareness of the opportunities that rewilding brings to Europe as a new, additional conservation approach.

We are very excited to have found a variety of members with different fields of expertise and background, representing different geographical regions in Europe. They have all committed to support our initiative through their role in the Rewilding Europe Circle. The Circle members are not ‘just’ patrons or ambassadors in a traditional meaning; they play an important role in making a real difference to what Rewilding Europe can achieve.

Currently, the Rewilding Europe Circle has 11 members with background and expertise in a broad range of fields: conservation, science, communication, TV and social media, business, national and EU policies, and governance. Countries represented are The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, Czech Republic and the United States.

Elodie Terrier - Rewilding Europe Circle Cooridinator
Elodie Terrier – Rewilding Europe Circle Cooridinator


The practical coordination of the Rewilding Europe Circle is handled by Mrs Elodie Terrier, who recently joined Rewilding Europe as a volunteer. She can be reached by



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